These Dogs Trust Basildon adorable pups are looking for a home – could you be the one to take them on?


Echo: Sweet girl - IvySweet girl - Ivy (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)Ivy is a friendly 3-year-old French Bulldog who can live with dog savvy children over the age of 11 years old who can give her space when she wants as can get a little worried of overhandling.

She was returned to us through no fault of her own and is currently enjoying her time with one of our lovely foster families. She is fully housetrained (odd accident to be expected in her new home) travels well in the car and sleeps well overnight in a crate.

Leaving hours will need to be built up slowly over time as became distressed when left alone in the previous home. She is a super little girl with lots of love to give, loves cuddles will lean into you for a fuss.


Echo: Youngster - CashYoungster - Cash (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

The nine-month old husky/Labrador youngster can live with another dog depending on a dog introduction here at the centre. If female she must be neutered.

He is looking for owners who have a good understanding of larger dogs with bouncy mouthing behaviours. Cash has shown aggression with handling and has bitten. He is also looking for owners who have a good understanding of guarding tendencies. Cash must have a private secure garden.


Echo: Cute - LexiCute - Lexi (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Lexi is a lively young girl seeking an adult only home with a maximum of two people and no visiting children.

As cute as she looks, the one year old crossbreed has some behavioural quirks that her new owners will need to be willing to work with.

Lexi mixes well with other dogs and can potentially live with another neutered dog pending a successful dog introduction here at the centre. 

She loves to parade around with toys, happily chase after toys and will happily swap toys for another one.


Echo: Sensitive lad - JosephSensitive lad - Joseph (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Joseph is a sensitive lad who is seeking a quiet adult only home with minimal visitors, no visiting children in a calm location.

He is worried around handling and has snapped when handled and in vet situations.

The seven year old crossbreed needs owners who are willing to meet him multiple time's to build a bond with him before he can go home.

He is a sensitive soul who takes a while to come out of his shell. He is housetrained and can be left for up to four hours alone.


Echo: Beautiful, fun-loving ex-racing Greyhound - CharmerBeautiful, fun-loving ex-racing Greyhound - Charmer (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Charmer is a beautiful, fun-loving ex-racing Greyhound. He is a calm character who walks nicely on the lead, but also loves to zoom about with a toy when the mood strikes.

He enjoys human company and is looking for a calm, adult only home, where he can be given space to take himself away when he needs to.

The five year old is on long term pain relief for an old racing injury. He needs a quiet home with not many visitors and no visiting children. 


Echo: Special care needed - LincolnSpecial care needed - Lincoln (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Lincoln is a vocal boy looking for an adult only home with minimal visitors, and he must be the only pet.

The two-year-old long haired daxi will need further training and will need to be muzzled when out and about in public area as he has shown to be reactive towards people and other dogs.

Lincoln has been very distressed when left alone so is looking for someone to be around at all times.


Echo: Centre favourite - ZeusCentre favourite - Zeus (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Zeus has become a firm favourtie with everyone at the centre and is patiently waiting for his furvever home.

He can live with dog savvy children over the age of eleven who are used to big dogs.

Zeus would like to have easy, direct access to a secure garden to plod about in. He does have some medical issues with his legs and poor eyesight so will need medical management in his new home.

The lovable five-year-old Rottie came into the centre as a handover through no fault of his own.

He is currently spending his time with one of our amazing foster carers and enjoys his creature comforts. 


Echo: Experienced owners needed - RocketExperienced owners needed - Rocket (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Rocket is seeking an adult only home due to mouthy/grabbing behaviours seen in the past and at the centre.

He is seeking experienced owners that have previous knowledge/experience of managing these behavoiurs.

Rocket will need a quiet home with not many visitors and must have a secure private garden with 6ft fences to explore in.

The six-year-old crossbreed does have some medical so new owners will need to continue hydrotherapy and physiotherapy in his new home.


Echo: Sensitive side - NalaSensitive side - Nala (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Nala is an amazing girl , she does have a sensitive side so is seeking patient owners who can take things slow with her whilst she builds a bond with you.

Nala must be in a adult only home and no visiting children due to her nervous nature. She can be worried around handling so all formal handling will need to be built up slowly and will need multiple meets at the centre before she can go home. 

She is a 6 year old SharPei who was returned through no fault of her own. She travels well in the car and can be left alone for up to 4 hours.


Echo: Some biting behaviour - TedSome biting behaviour - Ted (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Ted is three years old and looking for an adult only home with maximum of two people, with no visiting children and no other pets in the home.

He must have a secure private garden to explore with no neighbouring dogs either side as he is dog reactive.

He needs to live in a location where he can be walked without many other dogs/people around.

Ted has been returned three times due to growling and biting behaviour over being ‘over handled’. He can be worried initially so hands off is a must for him to slowly get used to his new owners without any pressure.