A GROOVY Chick Southend superfan got the cartoon tattooed on her and says she loves her inkings - despite getting told her arms look like a "detention desk".

Gemma Edwards, 27, had her first tattoo - a quote from Roman poet, Horace, which reads 'we are but dust and shadows' - aged 18 and her obsession spiralled from there.

She has more than 30 tattoos, which include some of her favourite childhood shows, such as Groovy Girls, The Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time and has spent 15 hours getting inked.

Echo: Inked - Gemma's armInked - Gemma's arm (Image: SWNS)

Gemma said people think her tattoos are "hilarious" and she has a matching Saturn tattoo with her friends, but some critics have said her arms look like "detention desks”.

The digital marketer said: "My tattoos started off as being quite meaningful.

"Then it spiralled from there really, and I wanted to have something that was nostalgic.

"I was a huge Groovy Chick fan, as most people were.

"I had every Groovy Chick item that you could imagine. I had the bike, the bedding, a popcorn machine, and even an egg cup, which was amazing."

Gemma got her Groovy Chick tattoo on July 4, 2023, alongside the Sims, Tamagotchi, and Club Penguin tattoos.

Echo: Favourite - Groovy ChickFavourite - Groovy Chick (Image: SWNS)

She said: "I have a lot of nostalgic tattoos - I have The Powerpuff Girls, the Sims, Adventure Time, and Club Penguin.

"Those key moments and key interests as a kid have stayed with me always, as I had such a happy childhood.

"It is nice to look back on that."

Echo: Nostalgic - Club Penguin Nostalgic - Club Penguin (Image: SWNS)

Echo: Nostalgic - TamagotchiNostalgic - Tamagotchi (Image: SWNS)

Gemma said she gets roasted by her brother, Rhys Edwards, 30, for her choice in tattoos, but said her friends love them and often get matching ink.

Gemma said: "My brother absolutely roasts me - he says my arms look like detention desks.

"My dad, Kevin, 60, isn't so pleased with tattoos.

"When I first started getting them, he told me not to do it as they are addictive - I guess he was right.

"My friends love them - they think they are hilarious.

"It is a lot more common nowadays to use your body to express the interests that you have - people are a lot less serious about tattoos.

"I have a lot of matching ones with my friends."