FIREFIGHTERS were called into action after sunlight reflected by a mirror set fire to a dressing gown.

Firefighters were called to a property in Short Lane, South Hanningfield, Billericay, yesterday at 11.22am after rays of sun reflected on a mirror sparked the blaze.

The homeowner called the fire service after returning home from a walk and noticing smoke.

Two fire engine crews attended the scene after being alerted to the incident.

Echo: Garment - The dressing gown which caught alightGarment - The dressing gown which caught alight (Image: Essex County Fire and Rescue Service)

Basildon fire station watch manager Darryl Worster has now urged people to be careful when placing mirrors.

He said: "Although these kinds of incidents are rare they do happen, and you can never be too careful. 

"In this case, the mirror was at the perfect angle for the sun to shine through the window and reflect straight on to the dressing gown.

"When you're fitting mirrors or leaving them around the house just double check they aren't in front of a window."

Only the dressing gown was damaged in the incident.