A FURIOUS mum claims she has been left “living in sewage” after a major leak at her flat in Basildon.

Kirsten Eddington, 32, from Basildon, has had sewage flood through her ceilings, walls, and light fixtures at her home in Rose Acre.

The mum, who has a six-year-old boy, first noticed there may be an issue when she moved into the council-owned property during the summer.

She said there was “mould and wet around the bathroom” which she claims she reported to Basildon Council and Morgan Sindall.

The issue got worse over the weekend, when “sewage” began leaking through the ceiling in the bathroom.

Ms Eddington said: “On Saturday, a huge leak started, flooding my whole bathroom ceiling, hallway ceiling, and my toilet ceiling and walls.

“Someone eventually came to investigate and unblocked the drain, but the leak continued to still drip. It did reduce from pouring but it was still dripping.

“Then on Sunday afternoon it started showering down again through the ceilings and walls.

“I called and called and was told they cannot do anything.

“I have fallen over and slipped several times because of the flooding of my floor. I have had to send my special needs son away while I try and get the issue resolved.

“The stench and breathing the fumes of the sewage is disgusting. Also, the damage is persisting and getting worse, tiles and parts of the walls are literally falling down.

“It is incredibly hard to live in. I haven’t been able to use my toilet and shower without it dripping all on me.”

Images show the soaked walls and ceilings as well as a bucket catching part of the “sewage” leak.

Ms Eddington has called out for urgent help from Basildon Council and Morgan Sindall.

Basildon Council and Morgan Sindall have both been repeatedly contacted for comment by the Echo but failed to respond before we went to press.