A NURSE is preparing to fork out her hard-earned cash on a hotel to ensure she “gets to work on time” and avoids traffic chaos when the main route on and off Canvey is closed for a full weekend.

Canvey Way is set to close in its entirety from 9pm on October 27, until 5am on October 30, for vital work to ensure the road remains safe.

However, a series of concerns have been raised over the potential impact.

Lisa Mulryne, from Canvey, is a district nurse based in Basildon, and is contemplating booking a hotel to avoid being caught in traffic.

She said: “I am a nurse and am working that weekend. I cannot be late into work because of the nature of what I do, so I am probably going to pay for a hotel to stay off the island for the whole weekend. The Canvey situation is the bane of my life as if one car breaks down the whole of the Island comes to a standstill.

“I allow an hour and a half to get to work every day, for a journey that should take no longer than 20 minutes. It is poor management. Overnight closures might take longer but it would cause less problems for the residents.”

The closure is part of “significant” repair works to replace a “movement joint” that has exceeded its service life after being installed back in 1973.

Life-long Canvey resident, Nicki Jenkins said this is why Canvey needs a third road.

She added: “I have lived here all my life, and there have always been issues getting on and off the Island. If we had a third road, closing the main road wouldn’t be such an issue.

“The closure means we will be trapped and held prisoners where we live. It sounds dramatic but no one wants to sit in traffic and chaos for hours.

“I appreciate they have to do essential works, that is important, but if we had a third exit, we wouldn’t be having this issue.”

Emergency services will use a route from Pitsea to Canvey amid fears of traffic chaos – an initiative that was raised by former Canvey councillor Ray Howard.

Mr Howard, said: “It is sad to hear about the nurse. Bless her.

“It is hard because the works do need doing. But had we had another road, we wouldn’t be in this situation. I have always suggested another road. This closure will be a nightmare for Canvey.”