A large DHL warehouse has appeared behind Basildon's newest retail park - despite there being no information on the firm’s website or on social media explaining what it is.

The warehouse, which is operational, with trucks frequently entering and leaving and staff working there, is not listed anywhere, leaving its purpose ambiguous behind St Hilary's Retail Park.

This warehouse has appeared following the DHL‘s investment in Basildon back in August, which saw the massive logistics company saving jobs in Basildon and preventing the loss of 1,400 jobs.


Councillor Anthony Hedley said, while he is unsure what the exact purpose of the warehouse is, he welcomed the opening of the warehouse as a major business making a “vote of confidence in Basildon,” which he likened to the “beating heart of commerce in the south.”

Mr Hedley said: “I wasn’t involved when it went through planning but what’s nice is there are three business that have decided to locate in Basildon (the other two being Lidl and Magnet) and they are quite diverse so it’s a good mix of retail, DHL is one of those.”

Mr Hedley added that Basildon has a thriving economy, but the frustration DHL and LIDL will have despite the “major boost for employment,” is despite there being “two vacancies per unemployed person, there is a disconnect between skills and training.”