Road users have had their say on the most dangerous junctions in south Essex.

Being a driver in the county can be frustrating, with YouTube accounts such as Essex Bad Driving garnering thousands of subscribers, and readers have taken to the Echo's Facebook page to share their plight on some of the county's roads.

Cuckoo Corner was the first that came to mind for many Southend drivers. The notorious junction has been in the paper in recent days as councillors fear almost 2,000 new homes on the edge of Southend could heap even more pressure on the already gridlocked junction.

Daniel Cowan, leader of the Labour Group, has put forward a motion to the council calling for improvements to the notorious roundabout.

Jane Sales also received a great deal of likes for her choice of the major Tarpots junction in Benfleet.

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, People’s Independent Party councillor responsible for the Appleton ward, claimed this summer that “someone will die” if the layout of traffic lights at the busy junction is not changed, after woman was trapped in a car after a crash. 

This also followed two crashes within a week in February which sparked concerns the lights were "causing confusion".

Jon Wood received the most likes for his comment: "Turning right at the mini roundabout into Western Approaches Eastwood, as lots of traffic coming from Snakes Lane direction fails to give way. Yet another accident there a few days ago."

Several readers also voted the junction of London Road/Downhall Road in Rayleigh the "most dangerous".

Lisa Smith says "The only reason there aren't more serious accidents there is that everyone knows what a bad junction it is."

Julie Dodson added: "Too much going on. Been some nasty accidents there..."

Kent Elms was also a common choice, as it has previously been branded a "notorious nightmare junction"

Colin Bailey explained: "Progress Road and Kent Elms corner junctions, how many accidents need to happen before someone finally says ok we will change it back to 2 lanes and the left one is for left turn only. See it’s that easy."

And honourable mention goes to Steve Cranfield, who commented: "The only thing to read from the comments is that all the junctions are just fine, it’s the drivers who are dangerous!"