Having dry hair is a problem I’ve been trying to sort out for many years since I moved out of my childhood home.

As ridiculous as it sounds, using soft water for around 20 years was a luxury I didn’t know I had.

Since moving to areas around the country with hard water, my skin and hair have taken a real battering and as the weather becomes colder this year, neither are happy with my current routine.

So, to get ahead before the temperature drops this winter and my hair screams for moisture, I decided to compare five hair masks that I thought could suit a variety of budgets.

Echo: I compared five hair masks all £10 and under each to see which was the most moisturisingI compared five hair masks all £10 and under each to see which was the most moisturising (Image: Newsquest)

Although I had never used any before, seeing the Garnier Ultimate Blends hair masks becoming popular across social media was what tempted me to give them a go.

Which budget-friendly hair mask saved my hair?

The hair masks I tried were from well-known brands including Ultimate Blends, OGX Beauty, Herbal Essences, Beauty Pie and TRESemmé – but one really did save my hair.

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Hair (242g)

Price on Beauty Pie: £10 for members, £42 for non-members.

Echo: Beauty Pie Super Healthy Hair Beauty Pie Super Healthy Hair (Image: Newsquest)

I absolutely love anything Beauty Pie as in the past I have tried all sorts of things, from cleaners, to serums, foot masks and even candles.

But I was really disappointed in this hair mask, as not only was it the most expensive but I didn’t notice any difference in my hair (which was odd as the mask is quite thick).

Although the clean and subtle scent might be a good alternative to some, I prefer hair products to have more of a smell.

To use: Beauty Pie says: “After shampooing and conditioning, squeeze excess water from your hair, then massage in from mid-lengths to ends. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse and style as usual.”

You can sign up for Beauty Pie to receive a free membership trial for 30 days.

Herbal Essences Repair Intensive Mask - argon oil (450ml)

Price on Amazon: £7.50

Echo: Herbal Essences Repair Intensive Mask with argon oil Herbal Essences Repair Intensive Mask with argon oil (Image: Newsquest)

As a lover of Herbal Essences, I hate to say it but the smell of this hair mask wasn’t really for me as it had more of an earthy scent.

I also wasn’t massively overwhelmed with the after-effects of using it, considering it was one of the most expensive ones – it was good, but there are better alternatives.

To use: Either use as a conditioner or a rinse-out mask on wet hair.

TRESemmé Nourish Coconut Hydrating Mask (440ml)

Price on Amazon: £3.50

Echo: This TRESemmé hair mask comes in a huge tubThis TRESemmé hair mask comes in a huge tub (Image: Newsquest)

I can’t resist anything coconut when it comes to a hair or body product, not only do they always smell great but they are packed with moisture and this hair mask did exactly that.

I couldn’t believe how hydrating it was for the size of the tub and the cheerful price.

To use: After shampoo and conditioner, leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

OGX Beauty Argan Oil of Morocco hair mask (300ml)

Price on Amazon: £5.35

Echo: The OGX hair mask may be small but it is mightyThe OGX hair mask may be small but it is mighty (Image: Newsquest)

I’ve used a few other items from OGX including the shampoo in this exact scent, so I had high hopes.

This had to be up there with one of the best hair masks I tried due to how moisturising it was and the impressive argon oil scent – it has the kind of smell that reminds you of being on holiday.

It also made my hair feel thicker (I presume this is because it was well-hydrated) which was a relief I have been shedding so much due to the change of seasons.

Although it’s the smallest tub out of the five I tested, I think in terms of how well it works, the price is very fair.

To use: Apply for 3-5 minutes after shampooing and then rinse.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food - banana (390ml)

Price on Amazon: £3.99

@imogencribb Watch me level up my hair in just three steps 🫧🛁 @Garnier ♬ original sound - Imogen 💗

For me, this hair mask triumphs above the rest and I can see why it’s received so much love from people I follow on Instagram, beauty bloggers and experts.

Firstly, I can’t get over the price of it considering how much it nourished my hair. Not only that, but it had the best smell out of all the products I tried (if something isn’t fruity, I’m not interested).

Another huge selling point for me is the fact it’s 3-in-1 – this means you can either use it straight up as a conditioner, leave it on your hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing after washing or apply it as a leave-in product to the mid to ends of your hair (great for when you're feeling lazy).

Similar to the OGX hair mask, it also made my hair feel a lot thicker- something I was hoping for.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food has saved my hair and has therefore become my new go-to, replacing my current conditioner and hair oil treatments (I’m a fan of the Ultimate Blends coconut oil).

All prices are correct at the time of writing.