I visited Masala Zone in Piccadilly Circus for a fabulous evening of food and drinks in a beautiful setting.

The restaurant’s interior is absolutely stunning, as soon as I set foot through the door I knew I was in for a glamorous evening.

Masala Zone is full of colour and lined with ornate pillars.

The ceiling is patterned with gold and there are beautiful elephant statues above some of the tables, making me feel as though I was in a restaurant fit for royalty.

Echo: Masala Zone PiccadillyMasala Zone Piccadilly (Image: Sauce Communications)

Not only was the décor magnificent, but the service also felt special and personal throughout the evening.

Staff talked us through each dish that we ate and continually made sure that we had everything we could need or want.

If that wasn’t enough, the food was to die for.

Echo: Vada Pao sliders and sprouted lentil behlVada Pao sliders and sprouted lentil behl (Image: Emma Fradgley)

To start, my boyfriend and I opted for the sharer which included five amazing starters to share between the two of us.

The five starters were the Vada Pao Sliders, sprouted lentil dahl, chicken wings, potato keema chop and delhi jalebi chaat.

A personal favourite of mine were the Vada Pao sliders – the bread was sweet and flavourful and the sauce it came with was absolutely delicious.

Echo: Chicken wings and potato keema chopChicken wings and potato keema chop (Image: Emma Fradgley)

The sprouted lentil dahl was also really tasty and I have never tried anything similar to it before – it was crunchy and full of flavour without being really spicy.

The chicken wings were an absolute classic and the potato keema chop was amazing but definitely for those who enjoy a bit more spice.

To finish the sharers off, the Delhi jalebi chaat was perfect.

It was fresh and light, cleansing our palettes before moving on to our main courses.

Echo: Masala ZoneMasala Zone (Image: Sauce Communications)

For my main course, I could not resist the classic butter chicken which I would recommend to anyone and everyone visiting Masala Zone.

The dish was exactly what you want as the winter weather creeps in – warming and hearty.

My boyfriend had the Paneer Makanwallah which was equally as autumnal with a nudge more spice than my butter chicken.

To go with our amazing meals, we ordered some naan bread, chapatis and some steamed rice, finishing off the delicious dinner.

Alongside our food, we chose a cocktail each and shared a bottle of pinot grigio as we soaked up the buzzing atmosphere and enjoyed a fun date night.