A STRIP club is set to face a licensing hearing after a complaint was received by Southend Council.

Entice Gentlemen’s Club in Southchurch Road, Southend has applied to renew it’s licence but will have to attend a licensing committee meeting because an objection was raised.

Legally the committee must decide the application even if just one person objects to it.

It is council practice to facilitate negotiations between parties where objections have been made. However, no request was made for such negotiation by any party in this case.

Wizard Sleeves Bars (Essex) has applied to Southend Council for a renewal of the sexual entertainment venue licence for Ent.

This licence covers striptease, lap/table dancing and similar entertainment.

The licence is to allow full or partial nudity, striptease, pole dancing and table dancing, and to provide entertainment from 9pm to 4.30am.

Daniel Nelson, Conservative councillor for Southchurch Ward, said: “I’ve never had a complaint about that particular strip club but with any sex entertainment venue there will be people who are concerned.

“We don’t want to be putting barriers up for businesses but we also want to ensure that businesses aren’t unnecessarily impacting people’s lives. I’m sure there will be a balanced approach and that’s what I will be calling for.”

The club caters for stag and hen does and private parties and charges £30 for nude dancers.

A report by licensing officers said: “The application remains opposed and is referred to the council’s licensing committee for determination.”

There are currently three venues in Southend which hold current sex establishment licences including Entice, Pink Papers and Harmony.

The Licensing Authority may approve the application subject to conditions, or modify the application conditions as deemed appropriate or reject the whole or part of the application.

Southend Council’s licencing committee will consider the application at the hearing on     October 31.