A WATER company is poised to invest £500,000 to protect the notorious Sadlers Farm junction from burst water pipes after repeated issues caused traffic chaos.

Recent years have seen Sadlers Farm – a major junction linking Basildon, Benfleet and Canvey – plagued by flooding after repeated burst water mains.

Now, Essex and Suffolk Water is set to spend the cash to prevent further issues. Work is set to begin today and will be complete by January.

It is hoped, the work will be completed without any road closures taking place and minimal disruption.

“These works are vital to prevent problems occurring in the future at the Sadlers Farm roundabout,” Basildon Tory councillor Luke Mackenzie said.

“Previous burst water pipes in the area have brought gridlock. I appreciate that the works may be disruptive in the short term, but I welcome the efforts to minimise this.

“These works will help keep South Essex moving in the future and will far outweigh this disruption.”

Former Castle Point councillor, Ray Howard MBE, insisted the work “has got to be done” after issues over the years caused problems for residents across south Essex.

Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris added: “A few years ago the borough seemed like it was suffering burst water and gas mains every week due to old worn out pipework.

“I challenged our local utility companies to invest in bringing their networks up to scratch. Along with Cadent, Essex and Suffolk Water have taken up that challenge. These works will cause some short-term disruption, but I want to thank them and the local Essex County councillor for sitting down with me and planning the works to minimise disruption for motorists.”

Ian Cleaver, Essex and Suffolk Water’s acting head of water networks, said: “In 2022, traffic congestion resulted from instances of burst pipes around the Sadlers Farm junction. We understand the frustration this has caused and have put a plan in place to do what we can to reduce the chances of such bursts occurring in the future. The earlier work meant that the stretch of pipe we took out of use can no longer burst. This new investment in the local network will add significant resilience to our supply pipes, and further protection from bursts for motorists and customers”.