AN INVESTIGATION is being launched amid allegations of “potential fraud” at Leigh Town Council after concerns were raised surrounding “financial mismanagement”.

During a town council meeting, it was noted that “an independent financial audit has been commissioned to investigate allegations of potential fraud”.

According to councillor Carole Mulroney, the investigation was launched after an allegation was made during a council meeting on September 13.

She stated that Conservative town councillor Murat Agdeve made a comment about “potential fraud” when raising concerns made by a resident around the “lack of transparency of council finances”.

When asked about this, Mr Agdeve said: “That is not entirely true. I was talking about financial mismanagement; the investigation is independent.

“It was a resident concern about lack of transparency around council finances and public money and that reports are not being published in a transparent way. “I have met with the auditor, and they are conducting an investigation. It is beyond me.”

Ms Mulroney said it could cost around £1,000 to have an auditor look into the council.

She also claimed that “comments like this without evidence affect people’s reputations”.

Ms Mulroney said: “In the meeting, the clerk said if you are going to make comments like that, I will investigate, and that is what has happened - and at great expense.

“There was no evidence, no information. The problem is it has put a great cloud over the council and the staff as well as everyone’s reputation.

“It is just shocking to make that statement. If there is a problem, see the clerk, don’t make statements that affect people’s reputations in public.

“It is now costing us in somewhere in the region of £1,000 to have an auditor. Just wait for his report. I have no doubt in my mind that the council will be exonerated.

Ms Mulroney has also asked the council for a timetable and confirmation of the cost.

An agenda for last Wednesday’s meeting, under the header “financial matters”, said: “To note that an independent financial audit has been commissioned to investigate allegations of potential fraud.”