ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour offences in Southend have dropped by half in the past year according to data provided by Essex Police.

Despite issues relating to anti-social behaviour along the seafront being prevalent during summer months, figures show a total of 1,805 anti-social behaviour crimes between September 2021 and 2022.

This number drops to 908 for the same period between 2022 and 2023 and figures show anti-social behaviour issues were most common during summer months.

In 2022, a total of 552 anti-social behaviour offences were committed between January and April. This rose to 766 between May and August, a rise of 38 per cent.

During the same periods in the following year crimes were lower but rose by more percentage wise.

January to April 2023 had 209 anti-social behaviour offences whilst May to August had 334, a rise of 60 per cent.

Echo: All the locations ASB was reported in January this yearAll the locations ASB was reported in January this year (Image: Essex Police / Google)

Anti-social behaviour hotspots included Southend seafront and both Southend Victoria and Central stations.

Police have enacted several methods to see a decline in anti-social behaviour, such as the increased use of dispersal orders.

Several orders were issued over the summer as youths started travelling to Southend from London more.

Echo: The ASB hotspots in April 2023The ASB hotspots in April 2023 (Image: Essex Police / Google)

Police liaised with traders, British Transport Police and c2c railway to discuss anti-social behaviour issues through Operation Union.

On August 10, officers stopped a group of balaclava-clad youths in Stratford Station from boarding a train to Southend.

Chief Inspector Jo Collins, District Commander for Southend, said police are prepared for any potential incidents.

Echo: All the ASB reports in MayAll the ASB reports in May (Image: Essex Police / Google)

She said: “We are experienced at dealing with this kind of issue.

“It is because of this approach that we’ve seen significant falls in incidents of violent crime and anti-social behaviour in the last year.”

Echo: The seafront end of the city centre saw a high number of ASB incidents in AugustThe seafront end of the city centre saw a high number of ASB incidents in August (Image: Essex Police / Google)

Chief Superintendent Waheed Khan, south local policing area commander, added: “Southend is really great place for people to visit and we want to encourage people to come here, enjoy the seafront and make use of the brilliant attractions and businesses.

“But if people come here and behave antisocially or commit crime, the reality is we’re going to take a robust approach to that and people acting that way could ultimately end up in a police cell.”