A DRUNK man who attacked his victim with a rolling pin has been spared jail after a court heard he had been sober for four months. 

Matthew Strouthous, 42, of St Guibert Road, Canvey, was charged with actual bodily harm following the incident in which he attended the victim’s address in Canvey on May 30, last year.

Strouthous got into an altercation with the victim as he arrived at the address ‘angry’ and in a drunken state.

The argument got physical as Strouthous struck the victim with a rolling pin on the top of her fingers.

He appeared in Basildon Crown Court on Tuesday, November 7, for sentencing by Her Honour Judge Leigh.

Judge Leigh said: “You are now 42 and are here because of the ABH you committed on May 30, 2022 on this victim.

“You and her had been known to each other for some number of years and for some reason you were called to the address on the evening in question.

“An altercation took place and you, in an angry state, swung a rolling pin which caught the victim on the top of her fingers causing injury which I have seen in images.”


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Judge Leigh noted Strouthous was a “long standing alcoholic” with several previous convictions of a low level and many court order breaches.

However, her honour acknowledged since this offence Strouthous has been in recovery as his drinking has since taken a toll on his health, with complications including liver failure.

Daniel Salter, mitigating, said: “Mr Strouthous is now four and a half months sober and has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings regularly.

“In my submission it would appear that there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

“I accept there has been previous failures to adhere to court orders but this was when he was under the affects of alcohol.”

Strouthous was handed a ten month sentence suspended for 24 months and given a 12 month alcohol rehabilitation requirement.

He is also required to attend rehabilitation activity session for 60 days and given a two-year restraining order against the victim.