FED-UP motorists have ended up “going through red lights” after a technical fault at traffic lights at Sadlers Farm added nearly an hour to their journeys.

Over the past week, residents have noticed extra heavy congestion in Benfleet which has seen their journeys home often doubled.

It is claimed that the phasing of the Southend-bound traffic lights at Sadlers Farm Southend bound are out of sync and are “regularly” getting stuck on red.

Jason Hackett, 51, has also been impacted by the problems.

He said: “The lights Southend-bound from the slip road seem to be changing at different intervals causing severe congestion.

“Sometimes people are just going through the red light because of the long wait.

“It is very frustrating when you have had a long day on the road, you are10 minutes from home and it takes you more than 30 to 40 minutes to get through.”

The issue is believed to have begun last Friday and has been a problem since.

Andrew Sheldon, Essex County Council councillor responsible for South Benfleet, said he believes the phasing is not right.

And he has asked the council to review it.

Mr Sheldon did add that “people are also regularly ignoring the box junctions and queuing through them” which is making the situation even worse.

Other residents have also taken to social media to say state that they believe the light sequence has changed.

One claimed the lights on the A13 at Sadlers Farm towards Benfleet were stuck on red for more than five minutes before “people started going through the red light”.

There were also major issues on Friday, which was made worse by a small section of roadworks at Tarpot’s.

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “We are aware of a technical fault at this location and have been investigating the probable cause.

“We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as we can.”