WHETHER you have a dog that needs help to stop barking, or maybe it is pulling on the lead that is the issue, Adam Spivey and the team from Southend Dog Training are there to help.

The popular dog trainer has a huge online presence with more than 3.5 million followers and 12,000 members worldwide.

It all began in 2012 when Adam started training dogs. He very quickly built up a reputation for his no nonsense training.

Echo: Dog training - Adam started the business in 2012 Dog training - Adam started the business in 2012 (Image: Southend Dog Training)His straight-talking approach to training has won him legions of fans and clients.

In December 2019, Adam met Evan Norfolk after he contacted Adam to help him with his dog.

This led to them joining forces to create the business you see today.

Adam said: “I’ve been training dogs now for more than ten years and, alongside my business partner Evan Norfolk, have built SDT into one of the most successful dog training companies in the world, with a social media following of over 3.5 million.”

Echo: Happy dogs - Southend Dog Training works with a variety of dogsHappy dogs - Southend Dog Training works with a variety of dogs (Image: Southend Dog Training)

At the heart of what they do is helping dogs and their owners.

“Everything we do at SDT is straight to the point. We offer easy to follow advice that everyone can work with to help their dog, regardless of its breed or problem.

“SDT has helped all sorts of dogs and all sorts of owners from all over the place. Our advice is suitable for all dog breeds, mixes and sizes, and for all people, regardless of age, gender and lifestyle. We’ve got things sorted for first-time owners with boisterous puppies and families struggling with training their older pets”

Echo: Helping dogs - Adam and the team help solve many dog related issuesHelping dogs - Adam and the team help solve many dog related issues (Image: Southend Dog Training)

Alongside the dog training programme and membership options, they offer a range of pet food and care solutions including raw dog food, cold pressed dog food, pet supplements, raw treats and training equipment.

The trainers follow the ethos that for lasting success and true changes to a dog’s behaviour, owners need to build their confidence and help the dogs trust in them.

They offer tailored support, with online support, one to one sessions or in a class setting.

The staff members are certified and hold a Canine Communication Diploma. They are part of the Association Of Balanced Dog Trainers (ABDT).

Visit www.southenddogtraining.