A "TEMPORARY fix has been put in place" after phasing issues with the traffic lights at Sadlers Farm. 

Last week, it was confirmed there had been a technical fault at traffic lights at Sadlers Farm after fed-up motorists ended up "going through red lights". 

As a result, resident noticed extra heavy congestion in Benfleet which has seen their journeys home often doubled.

Essex County Council confirmed at the time, they were aware of a technical fault and were investigating the probable cause.

Andrew Sheldon, Essex County Council councillor responsible for South Benfleet, has since provided an update. 

He said a temporary fix is now in place with a new system set to be installed in the coming weeks.

Mr Sheldon said: "I got the traffic light phasing looked into and engineers identified a detector loop failure. This caused some sets of lights to think there were no or very few cars waiting.

"The engineers put a temporary fix in place that should see the roundabout flow a lot better.

"A brand new detector system for the lights is going to be installed in a few weeks time. I will do what I can to make sure these works take place over night so no disruption is caused for motorists in the day.

"In the meantime I will do my best to keep an eye on traffic flow at the roundabout and get engineers to come and tweak the temporary measures in place if it gets bad."