CUSTOMERS have been eager to catch a glimpse of a new vinyl record shop in a former bakery in the heart of Leigh. 

Save Our Souls Records, in Rectory Grove, welcomed the community on Monday to flick through the many racks of rock and roll and punk vinyl and high-quality music artwork prints.

Echo: Inside - Save Our Souls RecordsInside - Save Our Souls Records (Image: Newsquest)

In addition, the Save Our Souls brand also has a vegan-friendly clothing line, which is inspired by the punk movement.

Echo: T-shirt - Save Our SoulsT-shirt - Save Our Souls (Image: Newsquest)

Stacey Donoghue, owner of Save Our Souls Records, said: “The response to the store has been really good so far.

“When we opened at 10am, people didn’t hesitate to come straight in and have a look at our range of vinyl records, music artwork and the Save Our Souls clothing range.

“Some young people have come in also, and it’s great to see a whole new generation discovering the greatness that is vinyl and them having something tangible as opposed to getting their music through streaming services.

“However, some customers have told me that they would like to see some more hip-hop records on sale, so we’ll definitely be stocking up in that genre.

“I’m glad the store is here, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Echo: Thrilled - Stacey DonoghueThrilled - Stacey Donoghue (Image: Newsquest)

The record shop, which is styled like the music and entertainment giant HMV, replaced the Flour and Spoon artisan bakery, farm shop, café and baking school.

Echo: Replaced - Flour and SpoonReplaced - Flour and Spoon (Image: Google Maps)

The project to transform it into the music shop took “about three months”.

With the advent of streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, more people are arguably choosing to listen to their favourite artists by this method, rather than in CD or vinyl form.

Stacey added: “There’s a risk in every business.

“If people want to stream their favourite music artist, they can.

“However, there are a handful of people who still want to have a physical copy, and that was proven by the increase in vinyl sales in recent years, so there’s still a market for it.”

Save Our Souls Records is open from 10am until 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

For more information about the new Leigh independent business, visit its official Facebook page.