A BASILDON woman has spoken about her gambling addiction recovery with the help of a charity.

Jayne, 57, of Basildon, received treatment from charity Gordon Moody after struggling with her addiction for years.

She attended Gordon Moody’s five-week structured residential treatment programme last October and has been living free for a year now.

Gordon Moody is providing advice on Safer Gambling Week – November 13 to 19 – as new data shows a 43 per cent. increase in demand year on year for their gambling addiction services.

Jayne said: “Gambling has always been a part of my life, even as a child we used to go down to the local bingo hall as a family, and visiting the arcade at the seaside was a treat.

“Up until seven or eight years ago, I’d seen gambling as something I was in control of. It was when I started gambling online it became a problem.

“The ease of access and the fact I could do it in secret, mostly at night when everyone else had gone to bed, led to it becoming problematic for me.

Gordon Moody, who help people to reclaim and rebuild their lives free from gambling addiction, has seen a 43 per cent increase in demand year-on-year for its services, with one  in four referrals now coming from women.

The data also reveals younger people are developing gambling addictions earlier, with applications for Gordon Moody’s rehabilitation services from those in the 18-24 age group having doubled year-on-year, and 50 per cent of referrals from people aged 18-34.

Jayne added: “My addiction became so bad I couldn’t think of anything else day or night to do with my time.

“This resulted in the breakdown of relationships with my husband, family and friends and only after reaching the lowest point in my life, did I decide to seek help from Gordon Moody.

“Attending the residential treatment programme literally saved my life. Before starting the treatment, I thought no one could help me, but I’ve been living a gambling free life for a year now.

“Recovery can be challenging but it’s worth it. I’d encourage anyone who’s worried about their gambling to seek help.”