Suella Braverman has penned a harsh letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in which she calls him a "weak and uncertain" leader, amongst other things.

Braverman was sacked by Sunak as Home Secretary only yesterday, November 13. A No 10 source said the Prime Minister “asked Suella Braverman to leave Government and she has accepted”.

Ms Braverman's position had come under increasing scrutiny following an article she wrote in the Times, published last Thursday.

In the article, Ms Braverman criticised what she called “pro-Palestinian mobs”, and said protest scenes were “disturbingly reminiscent” of those seen in Northern Ireland.

Mr Sunak then began a cabinet reshuffle which “strengthens his team in Government to deliver long-term decisions for a brighter future”. 

In response, Ms Braverman wrote to the Prime Minister today: "Despite you having been rejected by a majority of party members during the summer leadership contest and thus having no personal mandate to be prime minister, I agreed to support you because of the firm assurances you gave me on key policy priorities."

Those priorities were reducing illegal migration, measures to stop small boats crossing the channel, delivering the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Retained EU law legislation as they were a year ago, and issuing statutory guidance protecting biological sex.

"You have manifestly and repeatedly failed to deliver on every single one of these key policies," she writes, before then accusing Sunak of a "betrayal of our agreement" and a "betrayal of your promise to the nation that you would do 'whatever it takes' to stop the boats".

"Someone needs to be honest: your plan is not working"

The ex-home secretary also accused the prime minister of a "failure to rise to the challenge posed by the increasingly vicious antisemitism and extremism displayed on our streets" since the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October.

She labels his response to "the rising tide of racism, intimidation, and terrorist glorification" as "uncertain, weak, and lacking in the qualities of leadership that this country needs".

Concluding the letter, she writes: "Someone needs to be honest: your plan is not working, we have endured record election defeats, your resets have failed and we are running out of time."

Mrs Braverman acknowledges that she "may not have always found the right words" to express her views, but says he has "always striven to give voice to the quiet majority that supported us in 2019".