A NEW police deployment has seen the continuation of a project in Southend, this time detecting suspicious behaviour in Southend Airport.

Project Servator is a national initiative to detect, deter and disrupt criminal activity.

The officers have been given specialist training to spot signs that people are planning to commit crime.

They patrolled in both uniform and plain clothes inside the main terminal building and on the route between there and the airport’s train station.

Sergeant James Mint of Southend Community Policing Team ran the operation.

He said: “The aim of Project Servator is to reduce crime, increase the visible policing presence and reassure the public.

“Among the thousands of people who pass through the airport every year, there could be individuals who are planning or involved in criminal activity.

“Our officers are trained to look for small indications in their behaviour that make them stand out.”

In the coming months, officers will continue to arrive unannounced at locations and will be working with partner organisations, businesses and with the local community to remind everyone to be vigilant, trust their instincts and report any suspicious or unusual behaviour.

The same deployments are used in Southend and Colchester city centres and at Stansted Airport and Lakeside shopping centre.

Sgt Mint added: “We will be deploying officers in different areas at different times to deter crime and help keep our communities safe.

“The officers will be supported by specialist units, including firearms and dog teams.

“We want members of the public to feel confident to come to us if they spot something that doesn’t look right. You don’t need to be trained to notice something out of the ordinary.”

Chief Inspector Paul Hogben added: “Last Friday we launched Project Servator at Southend Airport. In the lead up to the launch Myself and Sergeant Mint from Southend delivered what is known as See Check and Notify (SCaN) training to staff in different roles at the airport.

“This training is designed to help staff be more alive to potential suspicious activity, how to make the airport a more hostile place for criminals to operate and the appropriate mechanisms for reporting suspicious activity.”

To report suspicious activity visit bit.ly/40BxqJf.