A WOMAN suffered five seizures as she attempted to flee a drunken man who “put his arms on her neck and started kissing her” in Southend High Street.

The victim has told the Echo she is now terrified of setting foot in the High Street following the incident, which took place in the middle of the day while she was shopping for a wedding dress with her mum.

The victim claims she was approached by a “drunken man” who put “put his arms on his neck and waist and started kissing her”.

It comes as Essex Police, Southend Council’s community safety team and the Southend Business Improvement District carried out a day of action in Southend High Street to tackle street drinking.

Following the incident, the victim and her mum both screamed as the man “laughed and ran off”.

Essex Police has confirmed it is investigating the sexual assault.

After the incident the victim, who is epileptic, had “five seizures” and was taken to Southend Hospital.

The victim’s mum said: “We were taken to the police station and they advised us to get counselling, they said she’s got PTSD.

“She won’t go up the High Street anymore, she is too frightened. It’s just awful and very frustrating because she can’t remember anything about shopping for her dress.

“As a mum you are there to protect your children but I just couldn’t help her, it was horrific and awful and a very special day was totally ruined.”

The family were allegedly told that the man who committed the act is “known to police”, but as things stand no arrests have been made by Essex Police since the incident on September 9.

The mum added: “We saw him earlier further up the High Street. We were talking to two street wardens who asked is if we were going to report this. They said they’ve had nothing but trouble from him and he was known to the police.

They are continuing to pursue the case and hope they will get answers soon.

The mum added: “I’d like for him to be charged and to appear in court. My daughter is a wreck, she can’t remember any of it.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We are investigating a report a woman was sexually assaulted by a man in High Street, Southend, shortly before midday on September 9. It was reported the man approached her from behind, before putting his arms around her and kissing her. Our their enquiries are continuing.”