With Christmas nearing, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a relaxing treatment.

Fibodyforma, based in Billericay, offers a range of massage techniques to improve the health and wellness of clients.

The specialist lymphatic drainage massage uses the lymphatic system to stimulate lymph nodes, part of the circulatory and immune systems, to detox the body.

In doing so, the gentle massage releases toxins, reduces cellulite and improves sleep by shifting water retention. Clients can expect to see better contour and tightening of the legs.

If you’re in need of some self-care, why not book a session with the Billericay-based service as part of our Love Local Business advertising campaign.

Massages can help clients who feel tired, puffy, bloated, or constipated and for women going through the menopause, PMS or experiencing hormonal imbalance and other pregnancy, postpartum and post-surgery affects.

Echo: Treatments are available at Billericay-based FibodyformaTreatments are available at Billericay-based Fibodyforma (Image: Newsquest)

Other services offered include radio frequency skin tightening, fat cavitation to melt fat cells, cupping and infrared blanket use to aid weight loss, reduce stress, boost blood circulation and detox.

Fibodyforma offers home visits, please check out there Instagram @fibodyforma or call Fifi on 0737 8998397.