HEALTH and care staff are celebrating after winning national recognition for their work to better identify and help people with frailty and dementia.

Workers from the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System were successful in winning a Data-Driven Transformation Award as part of the 2023 HSJ Awards.

The annual initiative provides a platform from which to share success stories across the health and social care sector, while helping shape the future of the NHS.

The award-winning schemes were led by clinical and care leaders from across a number of different health and care organisations who work as part of an Ageing Well stewardship group in the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System.

Successful collaboration between staff, using digital tools and data, has enabled health and care workers to have live, real-time access to information they need in order to provide better care.

This has already benefited more than 9,000 patients and resulted in less emergency admissions and reduced 30-day hospital readmission rates for older people throughout mid and south Essex.

Dr Matt Sweeting, interim medical director and ageing well steward at the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board said: “This is absolutely terrific news.

“This work is a real example of what can be achieved through working together and agreeing best-practice through evidence-based, personalised, and proactive input from different staff working across different health organisations across our system.

“We are now able to better identify and support people earlier to achieve safer, smarter care earlier in peoples care journey.”