INSPECTORS have praised a school for its “high expectations” on pupils which pushes them to succeed and “maximises learning”.

Education watchdog Ofsted visited Woodlands School, in Takely End, last month and a report published last week saw praise heaped on pupils and leaders as it retained a “good” rating – the second highest possible.

The school, which has 1,497 pupils, was described as creating a “safe” space where pupils behave and benefit from “clear routines”.

The report said: “Woodlands School continues to be a good school. Pupils enjoy coming to Woodlands. They feel safe in school and have trusted adults with whom they can raise concerns.

“The school has high expectations of what pupils can achieve, including those pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. The school has thought carefully about the knowledge it wants pupils to learn.

“This is specified in detail and is well sequenced in the curriculum, so that pupils can build up their knowledge in small steps.

“Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour. Clear routines for behaviour have been established.

“These are helping pupils to behave well in lessons and maximise learning time.”

However, inspectors found some room for improvement in a “small number of curriculum areas”.

The report added: “Teachers sometimes plan activities that do not help to consolidate what pupils have learned or build on what they already know.

“This prevents pupils from building on their prior knowledge and understanding new concepts. The school should ensure that all teachers plan appropriate activities that are well matched to what pupils know and can do.”

David Wright, headteacher at the Woodlands School, said: “We remain, as ever, incredibly proud of our whole Woodlands School community. Day in, day out, we work tirelessly to have a positive impact on the life chances of our youngsters who deserve the best.

“At Woodlands, we try to always move forward with our ethos in mind, having huge aspirations, instilling resilience, providing as many opportunities as possible so all find their excellence.”

The school is part of Compass Education Trust and was part of Takely Education Trust until August 2023.