CLAIMS a a notorious Colchester roundabout is one of the most confusing in the UK have been disputed by drivers who use it every day. 

The North Station roundabout has been subject to debate for some time and has made the headlines in the national press.

The Sun referred to the site as a “monster”, dubbing it the UK’s most confusing roundabout.

However, Gazette readers have disputed these claims.

Carol Bullard said: “If you can't navigate this basic level of driving how do you have a licence in the first place? 

“Scary to think that this should even be a problem to anyone deemed to fit to drive.”

Collette Lyn added: “I’ve lived in Colchester my whole life and only in the past year have I heard of people going the wrong way around here.

“I was shocked when I actually saw an older couple driving the wrong way last week.

“I don’t understand why it has become so difficult for people to navigate.”

“It's not a difficult junction”, added Steve Williams.

The Gazette has reported multiple incidents this year where drivers have been spotted going the wrong way around the roundabout, resulting in various near-miss incidents.

Some readers agreed the site was confusing.

Jus Carrol said the roundabout is “totally awful in terms of layout in every respect”.

“It is a monster and I hate having to circumnavigate the bloody thing”, added Mary Adams.

Ben Gilbey said the area is a “mess”, adding how “the whole thing needs to just be one roundabout”.

Echo: Councillor - Martin GossCouncillor - Martin Goss (Image: Newsquest)

Colchester councillor Martin Goss understood the concerns over confusion, but said congestion was the major issue.

“I guess I am used to using it on a daily basis, so for me it doesn’t seem confusing, but I understand to some it might be," he said. 

“And it does seem to be the older drivers who get the most confused.

“A major issue is congestion.

“Bergholt Road in the mornings sees traffic stacked up through to Braiswick, and for me, the amount of traffic lights can cause these issues.

“If the traffic lights break, which they have done before, getting round there would be easier, as everyone is careful and flowing, which proves it can all work.

“I was hoping to get a safety audit done, but this is looking unlikely for now.”