A FIRE service employee has been praised for “life-saving intervention” during a call with a Southend resident.

Sally Coleman, a home safety administrator at Essex Fire and Rescue Service, was in a routine phone call with a woman in Southend booking a home safety visit for her daughter.

During the call, Sally heard a persistent beeping sound in the background and concerned for the resident's safety, enquired about it.

The Southend resident, who remains unnamed, revealed that it was her carbon monoxide alarm, which continued to sound despite a recent battery replacement.

To add further concern, the resident also mentioned feeling unwell.

Without hesitation, Sally advised the resident to immediately call the emergency Cadent number.

When Sally called the woman back to follow-up, she revealed that the carbon monoxide readings were "off the scale" and was told that the outcome could have been vastly different if Sally had not urged her to seek immediate assistance.

She has since been praised by Essex Fire for potentially saving the woman’s life.

Lyndsey Fatt, home safety data and performance officer, said: “Although the Home Safety Information Team are normally the first point of contact in a non-emergency, they quite often provide residents with advice, as well as booking visits.

“We always ensure they are included in any training being provided to officers.

“It shows the importance of this as it enables them to ask the right questions, listen, and take immediate action should they need to.

“Well done, Sally.”