Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves are visiting a south Essex town today see the importance of one of its key sites.

Sir Keir and Ms Reeves headed to Tilbury today for a visit to the newly operational Thames Freeport, which has been hailed a massive boost for "jobs, industry, and investment" in south Essex.

Echo: The politicians at the siteThe politicians at the site (Image: PA)

They toured the site to see the importance of building infrastructure to generate growth in the UK and met with apprentices and other members of staff.

Last month it was revealed that the freeport had officially reached the impressive milestone of attracting £600million of private sector investment and created 1,000 jobs in its first two years.

The site stretches across London Gateway, Tilbury port and Dagenham Engine Plant and has created up to 21,000 jobs.