A NEW and ‘simplified’ fare and ticketing model is set to be introduced by rail operator c2c in south Essex.

The model along with revised peak travel times are set to be introduced in preparation for the launch of contactless pay as you go travel across the c2c network.

Key changes to fares and ticketing include fares revised so that all single tickets are priced at half the equivalent return, both in peak and off-peak times.

Further changes include a new weekday evening peak between 4pm and 7pm on services leaving from or going through a London station (zones one to six.)

Super off-peak tickets will be withdrawn, with all weekend and bank holiday travel classified as off-peak.

Rob Mullen, managing director at c2c, said: “As part of our ongoing commitment to making c2c a more attractive and accessible railway, the introduction of simple and easy-to-understand fares and peak travel times will make searching and buying tickets easier and more straightforward for our customers.

“Moving forward, all of our ticketing products - Smartcards, traditional paper, e-tickets and contactless pay as you go (when launched) – if purchased on the day of travel, will offer fares at the same price.

“Removing the barriers to rail travel remains a priority to the team at c2c. With simplified fares in place in readiness for contactless pay as go, and e-ticketing coming soon, we believe that our easy to access and easy to understand tickets will give customers added confidence when travelling on our network.”

The Department for Transport (DfT) announced earlier in the year that c2c is one of the five train operators working with the government to extend the current contactless pay as you go area.

The introduction of c2c’s new ticketing model will align c2c fares and associated travel conditions with the Transport for London (TfL) and wider pay as you go networks.

The changes will be introduced on Sunday, December 3, and following the introduction, customers can get 40 per cent off standard off peak-return fares for weekend and bank holiday travel by buying online tickets from c2c three or more days before travel.

Long-term ‘Flexi’, weekly, monthly and annual season tickets are also not affected by fares or peak time changes.