A STUNNING lights display which has raised a staggering £40,000 for Little Havens hospice has once again heralded the countdown to Christmas in Benfleet.

Beth Taylor 26, and her parents Daniel Gibbs, 53, and Kathryn Gibbs, 51, have kitted out their home with more than 50,000 lights to create an impressive display.

Every year the family decorate their home, in Jotmans Lane, Benfleet, from top to bottom with bright and eye-catching lights in a bid to raise cash for Little Havens.

Echo: Happy - Daniel Gibbs and dad Eddie GibbsHappy - Daniel Gibbs and dad Eddie Gibbs (Image: Newsquest)

The charity, in Thundersley, supports babies, children, and young people living with complex or incurable conditions.

This year, the family’s decorations are bigger and better than ever with more than 50,000 individual lights used.

Echo: Wow - Stunning Christmas decorationsWow - Stunning Christmas decorations (Image: Newsquest)

Beth said: “The display is now on for everyone to see, and once again we are fundraising for Little Havens.

“My dad has always decorated the house since I was little. It started from a simple string of multi-coloured glass bulb lights and a small acrylic snowman and Santa.

“But each year the collection has grown and grown to what it is now.

Echo: Festive - House in BenfleetFestive - House in Benfleet (Image: Newsquest)

“It makes my dad feel proud that something he used to do for us as when we were growing up has opened up an opportunity to do something much bigger.

“Anyone can come and visit, and people can either donate through donation pots around the garden, over at Nisa Local opposite or through the JustGiving.”

The lights are on daily between 5pm and 10pm and anyone is welcome to visit and see the decorations.

Beth’s grandad, Eddie Gibbs, 79, has also been trying to help put up the lights despite now having Alzheimer’s as both him and Daniel were electricians by trade.

The family have been doing this for ten years now, and Beth adds how some families have begun making it a tradition with their children to visit their home.

She added: “My grandad, Eddie, loves the lights. He can’t always help put them up now, but he always comes to see them.

“It is just loving seeing all the families bring their children and seeing them run around the driveway staring at the lights, posing for photos.

“It is nice for us all knowing it brings joy to others.”