A MUM has revealed she has been “left with no choice” but to fork out thousands of pound for private surgery for her daughter after being told she could face a “two-year wait” for NHS treatment.

Keziah Payle, five, has had eight courses of antibiotics in just five months after repeatedly being diagnosed with tonsillitis and throat infections.

Mum, Sarah, has been told her daughter definitely needs her “very large” tonsils removed.

Echo: In pain - Keziah Playle, fiveIn pain - Keziah Playle, five (Image: Newsquest)

However, after getting a referral letter in early November, Sarah has since spent her time trying to book a referral appointment – finally securing an initial appointment in seven months’ time.

The family, from Benfleet, are now considering having the surgery privately in a bid to speed up the process, despite the price tag.

Sarah added: “I am losing hope, so I took her for a private appointment, who said she needs both the tonsils and adenoids removed. If we go private, we could get surgery within a month, but the figure is around the £4,000 mark.

“However, we were told there is a two-year waiting list on the NHS before we get to the operation stage.

“I am just broken. As a mum, it is horrendous, I feel useless and powerless to help her.

“It is a difficult to think if I had the money she could have the operation next month, but we haven’t, so rely on the NHS, but we are then facing a huge wait.

“It is awful to see her in so much pain. She is doing well trying to keep up with everything, but you can see she is struggling.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help raise the funds to allow Sarah and Keziah to go private and give her “a better quality of life” sooner.

Sarah added: “The private appointment went well, and we found out they do need removing as soon as possible for Keziah to have a better quality of life.

“This is why we are asking for help. I am grateful that we have the NHS, but I cannot believe that she could have to wait two years for an operation.

“I am just a mum wanting her little one to get better.”

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