A 4,000-home development on the edge of Basildon will have a major impact on traffic in the town and put additional pressure on already struggling GPs, a councillor has claimed.

Plans for a huge “garden community village” on the land between Dunton and Brentwood are set to be approved tonight at a Brentwood Council meeting.

Dunton Hills Garden Village will see schools, care homes and shops built, however concerns have been raised about urban sprawl and the impact the homes could have on Basildon, despite being built on Brentwood Council land.

Kerry Smith, Independent Basildon councillor for Nethermayne ward, said: “With this development, they will be paying council tax to Brentwood Council but their GPs and other public services will be in Basildon.

“Essentially, we as Basildon councillors and residents are subsidising a Brentwood development.

“I don’t think it should be approved as we will need better green spaces to stop both Basildon and Brentwood authorities from merging.”

The development will see three care homes, a secondary school and a community sports hub built.

Developers are also envisaging a village centre with a market square and other public amenities like shops and hot food takeaway units.

The development, which could eventually grow to around 4,000 homes, is being envisaged in Dunton Fanns, Dunton Woods and Dunton Waters - each anchored by a primary school and small-scale local facilities.

Three vehicle access points to the site would be provided from the A128 to the west, the central access forms the driveway to Dunton Hills farmstead and the southern access to the golf centre.

Mr Smith added: “I’m worried about congestion because the A127 will be their residents’ natural main road, that’s how they’ll go to and from work.

“It’s putting more pressure on our residents in Langdon Hills which is totally unnecessary.”

Officers have recommended the development be approved by the planning committee when it meets today, November 29.