This photo of South Benfleet it dates back to 1920, and shows a much quieter way of life.

The site of the world’s first mini roundabout which was created in May 1970.

Echo: Now - Hadleigh's mini roundaboutNow - Hadleigh's mini roundabout (Image: Jon Wennington)

The concept of a mini-roundabout was developed by the late Frank Blackmore a Traffic Engineer who worked for the Road Research Laboratory, according to

Echo: Then - Hadleigh in the 1920sThen - Hadleigh in the 1920s (Image: Sourced by Jon Wennington)

He first developed a roundabout with a two to four metre wide central island then went on to develop a small roundabout which had no central island and was just a painted white circle, which was defined as a mini-roundabout by the government in 1975.

Shoppers can be seen visiting the town to shop and an old fashioned bus is passing through as it passes through on its way to another town.

The old The Anchor Inn can be seen in the images and how it looks today in the ‘now’ photo.