SOUTHEND will benefit from £6.8 million to tackle pothole-ridden roads over the next ten years, it has been revealed.

Rochford and Southend East MP Sir James Duddridge confirmed yesterday that poor roads could become a thing of the past thanks to the funding, which will see an initial £219,000 given to council bosses next year.

Residents have long complained of the quality of Southend’s roads and have highlighted some of those top of their list for repairs.

Southend resident Carolyne Goodall said: “Potholes are the worst around here. There are so many roads with problems. The actual seafront itself is all right if you stay on the main road. It’s all the side roads, like station road.

“We’ve got some on Woodlands Park in Leigh and we have a lot of potholes all down Scrub Lane and on the bumps themselves on Scrub Lane. If you don’t see one, you could damage your vehicle.”

Hundreds of residents have singled out Southend’s worst streets on Fix My Street, with the streets off the seafront being the most impacted.

Residents have singled out potholes in Hartington Road, Burnaby Road and larger potholes in Belfairs, particularly on Eastwood Road.

Southend Tory councillor Kevin Buck said: “Road maintenance is the biggest issue is when there are poor-quality surfaces which cause vibrations from heavier vehicles. Where we can smooth out the roads, it makes a better experience.

“I’ve stopped the short-term repairs policy. We are conducting longer-term repairs to potholes and as we move into the winter months, we will see more potholes come as the tarmac freezes over.

Announcing the news, Sir James said: “Southend Council is set to receive £219,000 in additional road repair funding next year and at least £6.8 million over the next decade.

“As the largest-ever funding increase for the improvement of local roads across the country, fixing our roads ensures that drivers keep more of their own money in their pocket,” Mr Duddridge said.

“Both as a driver and from correspondence with residents, I know how irritating and sometimes how dangerous potholes and other road defects can be when driving around the city.

“With this additional funding, I am confident that Southend City Council will be able to make more repairs to our roads, ensuring that drivers have smoother and safer trips,” Sir James said.