The first day of December has beckoned snowfall in Southend and Basildon this morning, prompting a weather warning from the Met Office.

A yellow warning has been issued for ice and snow in Southend, from 5pm on Friday until 10am on Saturday.

It was a brisk start to the day, with heavy frost earlier in the morning.

Matt Dent, Labour councillor for Southend's Kursaal Ward, captured the first flakes of snow as they fell.

He tweeted: "December 1 rolls around, and I guess it really is Christmas in Southend."

c2c trains are running at a reduced service due to industrial action. Significant disruption is expected until the end of the day and "essential travel only" is advised.


Here is the Met Office's hour-by-hour forecast for  Friday:



Sleet is expected from 10am, with a temperature of two degrees Celsius. However, it will feel more like minus one degrees.

At 11am, there is a 60 per cent chance of light rain with the temperature remaining the same.

By midday, there is a 90 per cent chance of heavy rain. Temperatures will stay at two degrees Celsius, although it will feel like minus two degrees.

More light snow is expected at 1pm, but that will turn to a light shower by 2pm. There is a 30 per cent chance of rain but some sun is forecast, with temperatures rising to three degrees Celsius.

There will be sunny intervals in Southend at around 3pm, but it will still feel like zero degrees Celsius. 

The sun will begin to set at around 4pm, when it will be partly cloudy until 6pm.

It will be cloudy in the evening as Southend heads into another cold night, with temperatures dropping to as low as minus four degrees Celsius overnight. 


Sleet is expected at 11am, turning to heavy rain around midday. The temperature will be two degrees Celsius.

More sleet is expected at 1pm, with temperatures remaining at two degrees but it will feel like zero degrees.

Mid-afternoon will bring the first sunshine of the day, with sunny intervals between 2pm and 3pm. Temperatures will rise to three degrees Celsius.

The sun is expected to set at around 4pm, with clear skies until 6pm, when it will be cloudy.

It will be cloudy late into the evening, with temperatures as low as minus four degrees Celsius expected overnight.