Check out this week's key planning applications, received or decided on in Southend.

Applications received

1. 36 Leigh Road, Leigh

Replace existing fascia sign and projecting sign to shopfront. This approval of this application will allow the Dash coffee shop company to open a new property for "the benefit of residents and commuters in the area".

2. 18 - 24 St Helen's Road, Westcliff

Change use of from a ground floor shop to a four-bedroom House of Multiple Occupation.

Applications approved

1. 187-189 Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff

Convert first floor to two self contained flats with roof terrace to rear.

2. 94 Broadway, Leigh

Alter existing shopfront.

Applications refused

1. The Ship Hotel, New Road, Leigh

Change of use of former pub to a 15-bedroom hotel, erect 2 storey side extension to west side of building, raise roof ridge height and erect second floor rear extension to north side of building, refurbish and alter elevations, install railings to terrace areas and install balconies to east, south and west elevations, erect external fire escape staircase to rear, repair existing boundary wall to front, layout 7 parking spaces and form hotel drop off point to front 

Southend Council’s reason for refusal:

  • The proposed development, in particular the first floor balconies to bedrooms 6 and 7 on the east elevation, are a “contrived design” and “would result in the loss of original historic features, detrimentally impacting other historic detailing and would be an awkward and incongruous addition to the building”. The council officer claims this will cause harm to the historic character and integrity of the building and that of the wider conservation area.
  • They added: “While this harm is less than substantial it is nevertheless irreversible and significant in degree and is not outweighed by the public benefits of the proposal.”

2. 177 Hamstel Road, Southend

Change of use from a shop to one home, and alter the front elevation.

Reasons for refusal:

  • The proposed change of use constitutes development requiring planning permission. The rear part of the ground floor and the first floor of the building constitute residential use as existing, and the front part of the ground floor a retail use such that the overall planning unit subject of this application was in a mixed Class E/ Class C use which would be regarded as sui generis for the purpose of the Use Class Order and planning control. The use of the planning unit therefore does not fall within one of the uses specified in sub-paragraph (2) of Part M.A.1.