A MUM was left horrified after her 14-month-old was “thrown out of a bus” when it shunted forward as she walked off with her pram.

First Bus has launched an investigation into the incident, in Billericay High Street, which left the boy with bruising on his face and the mum “traumatised”.

Hannah Buckley, 26, said she begun to lift her pram off the bus when it stopped in the high street but the vehicle “suddenly jolted forward”, causing the pram to flip out on to the street.

The mum, from Stock, claims the driver failed to apologise, leave his cabin or check on her and her son, before closing the doors and driving off.

Hannah said: “I got on the bus and the driver very much appreciated the clutch. The buggy was almost hit three times with the relentless stopping and when I went to get off the bus, he’d parked a large distance from the curb. I asked him to lower the bus and he refused.

“I was trying to get to the pavement and he must have touched the pedals because the bus jolted forward and it made me jump.

“My pram with my 14-month-old son flipped on to the curb. Everyone rushed to my aid. It was traumatic. He had a scratch along his face and as people were trying to get off, I could see the bus drive away.

“The driver didn’t care one ounce and I’ve reported it to Firstbus, I don’t want money, I want understanding and an apology.”

First Bus has said it will review CCTV to investigate the incident.

Hannah added that: “I can’t drive and now I’m scared to get on the bus again. It seems they really don’t care and he could have cut and smashed his whole face, if it wasn’t for the bar on the pram. It’s the only reason I still had him.

“With newborns, this could be so much worse. If he was eight weeks old, he would have fallen out of the pram.”

A First Bus spokesman said: “We are aware of the alleged incident which occurred on the 300 service on November 28 on Billericay High Street.

“We have launched an immediate investigation to establish the facts around what happened. Our buses are fitted with CCTV and the footage is now being reviewed.”