A DAD who had his leg amputated while battling cancer has had “life-changing” adaptations made to his home after thousands was raised to help him.

Richard Deadman, 62, from Great Wakering, was left unable to get around the house or use the bathroom independently after having his left leg amputated in February.

The dad-of-two was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November 2020. After an operation and regular chemotherapy, he was told he was well enough to have some time off treatment.

But two years later he was told he would need more treatment to prevent the cancer spreading.

Not long after the surgery, he developed pain in his left leg, which was later found out to be caused by blood clots.

Richard then contracted sepsis and later had his leg was amputated on February 14.

The Great Wakering dad then felt like his independence had been taken away with his home needing several adaptions.

A GoFundMe was then set up to help Richard afford home adaptations and almost £10,000 was raised.

A wet room has since been installed, alongside a new raised decking outside, and other small adaptions in his home.

Richard said: “It has made a huge difference to my life. When I first came home, I literally had to wait for my wife to bring me water to wash in my bedroom.

“Being able to use a wet room independently is amazing and just being able to get up independently, get washed and dressed. It gives me an incredible feeling of worth which I had lost because I was reliant on others to help me.

“Also, having a raised decking so that I could access the outside area without trying to transfer from various different chairs has made a huge difference too.

“I can shower, and then have breakfast on the decking without any support or assistance.

“I am so thankful for the support, and you can see how lucky I have been with all the support. It has changed my life.”

Earlier this year, Richard decided he no longer wanted chemotherapy and is under the palliative care team at Southend Hospital.