RESIDENTS have been left venting their "anger" after Barclays announce they will close a high street branch in south Essex next year. 

In the latest blow to bank users in south Essex, the Barclays in Rayleigh High Street will close its doors for good on March 22, 2024.

South Essex has been hit by a series of bank closures in recent years, sparking concerns for the elderly and small businesses that rely on using a bank in person and online.

To mitigate concerns, Barclays has insisted it will “stay in the community” however details are yet to be finalised.

On Canvey, Barclays runs a “pop up” bank on a weekly basis in a church while the first banking hub in Essex opened in Rochford in a bid to give residents face-to-face banking.

However, residents have been left "disappointed" and "angry" by the decision to close the Rayleigh branch. 

Tracey Fenegan wrote: "My elderly parents rely heavily on this branch. I am horrified they will be forced to have to travel too far now for their banking. This will be very hard for them."

Julie Moon said: "The first of many in Rayleigh I bet. No doubt other banks will soon follow suit." 

Alison Loades added: "I am disgusted at the banks closing their branches. They are supposed to be there as a service for their customers, but they are making it so difficult. 

"Especially for the elderly and vulnerable. Not everyone has the ability, or latest technology. I think it is criminal." 

Customers with a personal or business account with Barclays can use the Post Office to do their banking.

Alternatively, the nearest branches are a 20-minute drive, or 40-minute bus to Southend High Street or about an 18-minute drive or one-hour bus to Barclays in Basildon Town Square.

A spokesman for Barclays said: “We want to reassure you that we’re here to help. We’ll stay in your community and you’ll be able to talk to us in person.

“We are finalising the details of where we will be based, and when, to support you with your banking, and we’ll share the details locally once confirmed.

"We will be available to help you with things like day-to-day banking queries and helping you manage your money, though there won’t be access to cash at this site.”