A DOG yelped after suffering an electric shock from a fence surrounding stables in Hockley...after vandals ripped down warning signs. 

The dog, and its owner, both suffered an electric shock after touching the fence which surrounds Valley Forge, in High Road. 

Now, owner Liz Byford has vowed to install signs to warn walkers and claims the “vandals” took down signs that had been in place until the summer. 

She has insisted replacements “have been ordered and will be installed either later this week or on Monday”.

Echo: No signs - fenceNo signs - fence (Image: Public)

It comes after a 48-year-old Hockley man was walking his dog down the footpath, which runs from just-off Fountain Lane, on Wednesday when he claims his pet hit the wire and “yelped” in reaction to the shock.

The man, who does no wish to be named, said: “It is unsafe because those fences must be high-powered because when my dog was sniffing the grass and touched the wire, I heard a yelp.

“Also, I have caught it once before and it made my arm really numb for a while.

“There is no signage anywhere telling people of it and there really needs to be.

“I hope signs can be installed as soon as possible.”

As these fences are on private land, which looks after horses, it is the responsibility of the landowner to provide enough signage for footpath users.

However, if people have an issue with electric fencing and is reported to Essex Highways, a public rights of way officer can investigate the site and fencing to see what action, if any, needs to be taken.

Ms Byford, who owns the land with the fencing in question, said: “There was signage but vandals ripped them off in the summer.

“Because of this, we have ordered new signage, and it is expected to be installed either later this week or on Monday at the latest.

“However, we will be urging people who are walking their dogs down the footpath next to Valley Forge to keep their pet on a lead to ensure they do not go anywhere near the fencing.”

To report issues of electric fencing to Essex Highways via its tell us tool, visit: essexhighways.org/tell-us.