A TINY beach hut has drawn comparisons to Doctor Who’s TARDIS after an advert revealed it is packed full of features despite its size.

The TARDIS-style blue door opens to reveal a full-sized kitchen worktop with cabinets, a dining table, ample storage space, and shelving space.

It also has an alternative entrance at the back and a spacious decked balcony with space for multiple people to sit. 

Listed on Zoopla by agents Hunt Roche, the £89,000 hut also features a fully fitted kitchen with a four-ring gas hob, a gas barbecue and a gas heater.

Echo: The spacious hut boasts a pleasing waterfront view.The spacious hut boasts a pleasing waterfront view. (Image: Hunt Roche / Zoopla)

Ron Woodley, councillor for Thorpe Ward, bought a beach hut nearby almost 24 years ago for £4,000. He describes it as “a terrific investment”.

He said: “We’ve had holidays there since my daughter was six. The beach hut is perfect for weekends and school holidays. We’ve had lots of good times there – it’s the best thing we did.

“Imagine the cost of going abroad compared to 24 years of holidays and enjoyment. You can have a glass of wine and watch the world go by – fantastic.”

Echo: The hut has a fitted kitchen, complete with a four-ring gas hob.The hut has a fitted kitchen, complete with a four-ring gas hob. (Image: Hunt Roche / Zoopla)

It appears the Tardis-style beach hut is not the only one in Thorpe Bay with lots of space inside.

Mr Woodley added: “My beach hut has a toilet, a kitchen, and everything you need to spend the whole day down there. We also store surf boards, tables and chairs in there. You can just put them on the balcony and relax for the whole day.

“And the kids are as happy as a bug in the sand. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it and still uses it, even though she’s now 30.”

Echo: In decent weather, beach hut visitors can relax on the balcony.In decent weather, beach hut visitors can relax on the balcony. (Image: Hunt Roche / Zoopla)

Mr Woodley says the beach hut is there to provide shelter when the weather turns bad, not dissimilar to how the Doctor might rush to the Tardis to escape trouble.

“But you don’t want to spend all your time in it,” he added.

The beach hut is a five-minute walk from Mr Woodley’s home, which he says is much better than having to drive to the airport for a holiday, although his daughter is now an airline pilot.  

Thorpe Bay Zoopla branch manager Paul Wigmore said: “We tied up another sale on a beach hut a couple of days ago, listed at £92,500.

“It shows they’re still selling despite the cold weather.”

View the listing on Zoopla here: https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/65352605/