A CYCLIST has had her leg amputated in the aftermath of a gruesome crash with a biker who had traces of cannabis in his system. 

Samuel James, 29, was “likely to be significantly impaired” by the drugs in his system when he hit the female cyclist in St Nicholas Lane, Basildon, Basildon Crown Court on Friday. 

The cyclist was left unconscious and taken to Basildon hospital with severe injuries including lung punctures, fractured ribs, muscle-deep skin lacerations and fractures to her arms and legs.

On September 2, 2020, less than a month after the crash, she had to have an amputation of her right leg below the knee.

On Friday, James was jailed for three years and six months. 

Connall Bailie, prosecuting, said: “Following the incident, a witness overheard Mr James stating words to the effect of ‘It was their fault’

“The victim was in the road for two seconds when she was struck by the defendant’s Suzuki motorcycle causing both parties to be lifted in the air.

“When Mr James got up he appeared to be more annoyed by the damage done to his motorcycle and indicated he thought the defendant was dead.”

After the crash, James was taken to Basildon Hospital were police attended and he was arrested.

He initially pleaded not guilty but changed his plea to guilty on October 25.
James was interviewed twice following his arrest and first said he couldn’t recall the collision.

A drugs test conducted seven and a half hours after the incident found THC levels at 3.5 micrograms per litre of blood in James’ system.

Mr Bailie added: “This level of THC during a collision is likely to significantly impair one’s performance riding a motorcycle.

“Mr James had also never passed a driving test, had no insurance and was travelling with fake plates, also failing to report the incident.”

During police interviews, James admitted using cannabis before driving.

Rhys Rosser, mitigating for James, said: “Mr James has expressed his apology for what has happened and nothing he can do or say can remedy the harm.”

Judge Samantha Leigh handed James, of Carol Close, Laindon a 42-month sentence, with a driving disqualification for five years and nine months and an extended retest upon release.