AN EastEnders star has been pictured in Southend and Thundersley to back our amazing Havens hospices. 

Rudolph Walker, best known for playing Patrick Trueman in EastEnders, is a longstanding Patron of Havens hospices and regularly visits those they care for as well as the staff and volunteers. 

This week Rudolph spent time at Little Havens and Fair Havens, meeting people like David who is staying at the hospice for care and support.

Talking about the special visit from Rudolph, David said, "Having lived and worked in the East End, I feel an affinity with EastEnders.

"Rudolph and I chatted about his character. I even remembered him from Love Thy Neighbour in the seventies. It was a real treat to meet him in person."

David, who is cared for by his wife, has been living with heart failure for many years. However, in October he was told by the hospital that there was no further treatment, and all they could do was manage his various symptoms and side effects.

He added: "I needed Fair Havens more than I realised. I should have come sooner. I have been putting a brave face on things, but the respite for my wife and I has been invaluable."