Netflix users have in the past reported issues with the streaming service with subscribers seeing the Netflix Error tvq-pb-101 on their screens. 

Viewers tonight (Monday) reported seeing error codes and some disruption to streaming, according to comments left on Downdetector

The tvq-pb-101error code usually shows up in a text box with: "We've having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title."

The code usually means that your device needs refreshed, Netflix has said. 

The streaming service tells viewers to follow the steps shown on the device that they are using when this happens.

Echo: Netflix logo. Credit: PANetflix logo. Credit: PA

The refreshing process can vary by device, Netflix has produced a full list of guidance for Play Station 3, Smart TV, Xbox 360 viewers and more.

See the full list via the Netflix website.

Why it says ‘this title not available to watch instantly’ on Netflix

In the past, subscribers were left unable to watch their favourite films and TV shows after the platform went down.

Of the problems reported, 75% relate to problems with video streaming while 18% reported problems with the app.

A further 8% of problems were linked to Netflix's website.