Netflix users can expect a new update to the streaming platform which could make viewing content smoother.

Whether you use Netflix to watch your favourite films or to binge-watch the latest series, your account will automatically be updated.

All customers are being converted to Dynamically Optimized (DO) HDR.

This means that accounts should use less internet, particularly when content is being watched on phones and tablets,  according to the Metro.

Echo: Netflix is to update all subscribers' accountsNetflix is to update all subscribers' accounts (Image: Canva)

A tech expert at Netflix said: “Improvements have been seen across all device categories ranging from TVs to mobiles and tablets.”

The testing for the new update suggests customers could experience up to 40% fewer rebuffers - these occur when the video playback is interrupted as more data is downloaded by the server.

How does Dynamically Optimized (DO) HDR differ from the current 4K used?

On Netflix, 4K is currently the highest resolution available for customers, according to the newspaper.

However, to make the big video files appear smoothly on your device, 4K requires broadband bandwidth and lots of it.

If a customer’s broadband isn’t as fast as is needed to run the content, it will offer a lower quality.

Someone who is watching Netflix on a Premium plan on a TV using a streaming stick and audio receiver, for example, will need to make sure all devices support 4K for it to be viewed in 4K, the Metro explains.

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What should customers do ahead of the update?

If you’re subscribed to Netflix, you won’t need to do anything as the update will automatically begin.

Netflix has advised that users check all devices are using the latest software or firmware.

The video resolution settings need to be equal to or better than what you’re looking for.

“Higher initial quality, a lower initiate bitrate, less of a variation in delivered video quality and lower play delay” are also benefits of the update, according to the newspaper.