A SOUTH Essex secondary school has apologised after sending an email to parents listing the personal data of 69 pupils who were being disciplined for bad behaviour.

Ortu Gable Hall School, in Southend Road, Corringham, has said the email was sent in error and asked for parents to delete it.

A staff member sent out a notice to parents on Wednesday morning, which also included a behaviour incidents log for Tuesday.

In total, 69 pupils aged between Year 7 and Year 11 that were relating to 74 incidents were included.

The attachment included information regarding pupils’ special educational needs (SEN) status, as well as their free school meals eligibility.

The school says it is writing to the parents of the affected children to apologise.

In a Facebook post by Ortu Gable Hall School on Wednesday, it said: “We have recognised the situation within minutes of this occurring and promptly reported this to the ICO and will adopt any training needs recommended.

“We appreciate your discretion of our parents in not discussing this on social media platforms.

“Thank you for your support.”

Kevin Sadler, consultant CEO of the Ortu Foundation, wrote a letter to parents on Wednesday saying that they have “taken immediate action, emailing all parents/carers requesting the e-mail is deleted, and we are in the process of making a formal referral to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

“We will be writing to the parents of the children affected to formally apologise and to inform them of the next steps.”