GYM bosses have contacted the police after CCTV footage of naked men recorded in a changing room was reportedly leaked online, leaving some gymgoers feeling "violated".

Earlier this year, the Gazette reported members of Pump Gyms were concerned by the presence of security cameras in the male changing room at its Colchester site.

Bosses at the gym in Grange Way denied the CCTV images were easily accessible to the gym’s staff and said the system was password protected and only accessible by a manager in response to incidents of vandalism.

But fresh concerns have come to light after a series of CCTV images of men using a gym changing room appeared online, which has led to Pump Gyms making a report to the police.

Echo: Gym - Pump Gyms in ColchesterGym - Pump Gyms in Colchester (Image: Google)

A photo seen by the Gazette shows a man walking to a locker wearing just a towel, with Pump Gyms’ logo visible on a sign attached to a glass door.

The photo’s caption says a “stream is now open for subscription” costing $50 a month.

Another video posted on X, formerly Twitter, shows a man stripping off and baring all, seemingly unaware he is on camera, although nothing in the footage confirms it was recorded at any of Pump Gyms’ locations.

The Gazette also understands a group which has amassed hundreds of members on the messaging app Telegram is selling bundles of videos recorded on CCTV cameras from more than one gym.

Echo: Big Brother - CCTV cameras facing into a changing area at Pump Gyms in ColchesterBig Brother - CCTV cameras facing into a changing area at Pump Gyms in Colchester (Image: Supplied)

A screenshot of a message sent to 267 members and seen by the Gazette says: “You think this exclusive UK locker is gone? No way! This pack has vids from 2023, combined with another UK locker seen for the first time.

“Wanna see real guys chill out, getting undressed, showing ****… then this is for you.”

The message is accompanied by screenshots of footage of several naked men, including full-frontal nudity.

'This is disgusting'

A member of Pump Gyms Colchester, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I think this is absolutely horrific. Changing rooms should be a safe space so the fact this footage has been leaked is disgusting.”

Another Colchester resident, whose partner is a member at the gym, said: “I am horrified to think that my partner may not only have been recorded when he is getting changed but now somebody may have footage of him naked.

“It is worrying to think that these images can appear and his family could potentially see them.

"How this has been allowed to happen I don’t know. We will want answers.”

Marc Platter, chief executive of the gym chain, said: “Pump Gyms is taking this matter seriously and has referred it to the police. As such it is subject to a live investigation and, consequently, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

Essex Police has been contacted for comment.