BRIDES were left in tears after bagging a dress for their big day for as little as £5 as part of a huge charity sale. 

Serenity Brides, in Long Wyre Street, Colchester, held the event to help two charities and brides who would otherwise not be able to afford a dress. 

The shop had excess stock after having to honour purchases of designer gowns during the pandemic despite weddings being put on hold. 

To make space for new gowns and to get rid of the ones that have been taking up space since 2020, the shop hosted a sale of those dresses for only five pounds each. 

The sale kicked off on Saturday and is running for a whole week. 


Julie Macrae, the owner of the boutique, told the Gazette: “Saturday was a fabulous day. Brides made friends in the queue, and they helped each other with opinions and helped dress each other.” 


According to the Hitched National Wedding Survey 2022, the average cost of a wedding dress was £1,350. 

In light of the cost-of-living crisis and many people still struggling with everyday costs, the sale was the solution to many brides’ dreams of still being able to buy a special dress. 

Julie added: “We had tears from many who said that without our giveaway they wouldn’t have a dress for their wedding day as they just couldn’t afford it.” 


But the sale was not only motivated by making space for new dresses but also by giving back to charity. 

“We raised more than £1,000 for two very worthy charities,” said Julie.

 “One is MIND, and the other one is the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

“One of our girls is running a marathon for the RNIB and we thought we would help her raise money for such a worthy cause. 


“She herself was thought to be losing her sight earlier this year and she wanted to help raise money.

"She is a mum of two young children and realised how dreadful it would be if she lost her sight.”