HOMEOWNERS across Canvey were left speechless after learning how much they had won in the Postcode Lottery's biggest ever cash prize. 

The Echo revealed on Wednesday how SS8 7 is the largest single prize ever to be landed in People’s Postcode Lottery history with the £17.3million win.

In total 794 winners have split the enormous cash prize, which has been celebrated by residents as a boost to the island.

Residents arrived at the event in Castleview School expecting around £3,000 in winnings, but were instead greeted with £13,305, with residents who had bought multiple tickets taking up to £40,000 in individual winnings.

The street with the biggest cash winners had the chance to land the biggest cash prizes, with one resident landing a prize of £800,000 from two full postcode tickets.

Residents have reacted with shock and joy at the unexpected winnings, with it coming as a crucial boost to many residents in the run up to Christmas.

Canvey resident Mark Ovendon said: "It's ended our anxiety over finances entirely, we are planning on saving this money, we are not looking to blow this all-in-one go.

"Particularly with the cost-of-living crisis we want to save for a big holiday, this ends our financial worries."

Hilda Charters, who have lived on Canvey for over 60 years, said: "I've seen neighbours today I haven't seen in nine years; this has brought people together and the way that is shared between residents, unlike with big prize winners on TV and other lottery winners, is everyone gets a bit of the prize - too much ruins people’s lives sometimes."

Daughter, Lois Groom, added: "This is really great for Canvey and particularly in the the run-up to Christmas, this is going to help so many people really, on Canvey we are all quite close and it's such a good thing this has gone to so many people."

Sylvia and Peter Weston said: "We have had our Christmas made it's absolutely incredible.

"Our son is getting married next year and we can attend, we can pay for a new kitchen and finally pay our heating bills.

"It's just brilliant and we have plans to go to Barbados next year too."

Castle Point MP, Rebecca Harris, said: "I feel as if I've won, everyone's been enjoying themselves today, they've been so happy here.

"The atmosphere is incredible and the people handing over the cheques must have some of the best jobs in the world, I hope some of this money can go back into the local economy of Canvey."