AS the creation of new homes at the former Beecroft Art Gallery near completion, a similar development could be on the cards close-by.

Nearby, on Westcliff Parade, Fred Laws House has been listed online for sale and is marked as having the potential for development.

Originally built as two homes, the building was later converted into one home to provide 12 rooms in sheltered housing accommodation.

The building sits in a prime location, with views over Southend’s famous Cliffs towards the Thames Estuary.

The building sits on the junction with Trinity Avenue, close to the Cliffs Pavilion.

Kevin Robinson, Labour councillor for Westborough, says development of both buildings is a “tricky balance” to strike, as it is important to maintain their character while ensuring they meet the needs of residents.

He said: “As the needs of the city change, these and other local buildings will need to change.

“Fred Laws House and other buildings overlooking the Thames Estuary have unique character.”